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Mistress Maggie - Watersports News


Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with news from my Preston Chambers.

I have recently upgraded my watersports furniture and taken delivery of a Deluxe slave toilet, a beautiful thing in clear acrylic and chrome.

Some extra pictures of the slave toilet are now available on my website, along with a news item that explains all its features and how I intend to use it.

Watersports continues to be a popular activity in my playrooms and there are are whole host of options to whet your appetite.

Golden showers are a great place start and if you are not ready to drink yet I can often make use of a competent toilet attendant. Those tempted by the delicious taste of nectar may have the privilege of drinking my fluids straight from the source, while in my medical White Room kinky champagne enemas, pee scented bubble sniffing and recycling games are all happening. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of allowing my suffering patients to die of thirst!

My sessions are always discreet and consensual and full bathroom facilities are available.

If you are bursting to find out more about my new Deluxe slave toilet, visit here